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Veto (n.) A doc or information speaking The explanations of the executive for not officially approving a proposed regulation; -- called also veto message.

Vampire (n.) Any one of quite a few species of harmless tropical American bats from the genus Vampyrus, Particularly V. spectrum. These bats feed upon insects and fruit, but had been previously erroneously speculated to suck the blood of guy and animals. Called also Untrue vampire.

Range (n.) The quality or condition of being numerous; intermixture or succession of various things; diversity; multifariousness.

Varnish (n.) A synthetic masking to provide a fair physical appearance to any act or conduct; exterior exhibit; gloss.

Vowel (n.) A vocal, or occasionally a whispered, audio modified by resonance inside the oral passage, the peculiar resonance in Every single circumstance supplying to every quite a few vowel its exclusive character or good quality being a audio of speech; -- distinguished from the consonant in that the latter, whether or not produced with or without having vocality, derives its character in each case from some kind of obstructive action via the mouth organs.

Veneration (n.) The act of venerating, or the condition of remaining commemorated; the highest degree of respect and reverence; respect mingled with awe; a sense or sentimental energized via the dignity, wisdom, or superiority of someone, by sacredness of character, by consecration to sacred expert services, or by hallowed associations.

It had been not merely a privilege to possess try this web-site a document of lands preserved, but at an early date it had been made compulsory. In 1641 it absolutely was ordered that all who experienced land laid out ought to bring in a duplicate of it, that it might be recorded through the twentieth day of September; and, for neglecting To Read Full Report do that, twenty shillino:s were to be forfeited.

Vent (n.) Sectional region of the passage for gases divided by the length of precisely the same passage in toes.

Virial (n.) A certain perform Learn More associated with a procedure of forces and their factors of Read Full Article software, -- to start with used by Clausius while in the investigation of challenges in molecular physics.

Duration of a structural bolt is calculated within the underhead bearing surface to the acute end in the bolt

Descartes attempted to account to the development with the universe, and also the movements of your bodies composing it, by a concept of vortices.

Vainglory (n.) Excessive Self-importance energized by 1's have performances; empty pleasure; undue elation of intellect; vain demonstrate; boastfulness.

Beside the reservation of territory for widespread pasturage, lands ended up laid out "for using tlie ministry." Two such tracts had been laid out on each side of your river, consisting of each meadow and upland, which were being let out to people, the revenue derived therefrom going towards th,e minister's salary.

The territory which AA^as comprised Within find this this prevalent may be outlined, incredibly practically, via the Massachusetts Central Railroad within the south, the Aged Colony Railroad within the west, Pantry Brook over the north, as well as the river over the east. Will probably be observed that both of these commons included almost all of the hilly portions with the town, on each side of the river; and it had been doubtless the look from the settlers to reserve for widespread pasturage these lands, because significantly less tailored to simple cultivation.

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